The Sound of Indo-European 3


Phonetics, phonemics, and morphophonemics


Institute of Czech language and Library Science, Silesian University in Opava, and Department of Linguistics and Baltic Languages, Masaryk  University in Brno, are proud to announce that The Sound of Indo-European 3 will take place again in Opava, Czech Republic, from 12th-14th November 2014. The conference follows in the line of the previous successful conferences which have been held in Copenhagen and in Opava.


Meeting description

Phonetic, phonemic, and morphophonemic questions relating to either the Indo-European protolanguage and its prestages or to a specific branch of the Indo-European family.


Invited speakers

Birgit Anette Rasmussen (Olsen) - University of Copenhagen

Alwin Kloekhorst - Leiden University

Götz Keydana - Georg-August-Universität Göttingen


Conference fee

100 Euro, the participants will pay the fee in cash at the registration desk


Submission of abstracts

Abstracts are invited for 20-minute talks followed by 10 minutes of discussion. Abstracts must be at most two pages long.  Abstracts should be sent as doc. or  pdf attachments to an e-mail:


Deadline for registration


30. May 2014


Deadline for abstract submission


30. August 2014


Contact e-mail address


Please send the abstract and any questions concerning the conference to the following e-mail address:


We look forward to your participation.


Organizing committee:

Roman Sukač (Silesian University in Opava)

Ondřej Šefčík (Masaryk University in Brno)